Massanutten Waterpark Review - Best Water Park in Virginia and on the East Coast

More details about the Massanutten Waterpark at Massanutten Resort

Our two boys love the Massanutten Water Park at Massanutten Resort so much that we buy season passes to the waterpark every year.  We have been to the Great Wolf Lodge in Texas and in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Between those 2, as they say everything is bigger in Texas, and that is true. The Texas Great Wolf Lodge is much bigger and has more slides than the Williamsburg one.

But the Massanutten Resort Waterpark beats the Williamsburg Great Wolf Lodge with more rides. Especially now that Massanutten Resort owners have spent a fortune adding to the outdoor waterpark section.  There are more great slides, one of which is still too nerve-racking for our boys to try out yet.


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Indoor Water Park includes:

Massanutten Meltdown:

Basically a huge jungle gym playground in 6 inches of water.  It's in the center of the Indoor Waterpark.  Every kind of way to use water is involved, big huge buckets that dump enormous amounts of water on you, water cannons, waterfalls, short small slides for little kids.  There are 3 levels of climbing as kids chase each othe around from slide to slide.  Our kids can spend all day in there and never get bored.


The Pipeline:

The FlowRider®, is so much fun, and if you're too chicken to try it, it is still as much fun to WATCH.  It is the biggest FlowRider®, in Virginia!  You get a few minutes of surfing time with helpful instruction from the lifeguards on how to use the body boards to help you ride the waves.


Blue Ridge Rapids:  (Lazy River)

It's like an active lazy river. There are a variety of sprays that will get you. I have gotten pretty good at leaning back enough to avoid a string of 3 of the sprays. LOL   Also, towards the end of your first lap of the river you can experience one of the big buckets of water that spills out in the Meltdown onto the lazy river.


Tube Slides:

There are 3 tube slides in the Indoor Water Park.  As we call them, Red, Green, and Big One.

The Green slide is the 'easiest'.  You can ride in a solo tube, or a 2-person tube.

The Red slide is cool because it is dark inside.  It's also a solo or 2-person ride. You're not supposed to, but if you are quick enough you can turn your tube around backwards and going down it backwards in the dark, is QUITE A RIDE.

The Big One is a fun ride that allows for the 3-person tube or 2-person tube.


Body Slides:

There are 2 slides that you don't use a tube on.  These are fun to race your friends on. Only issue with these is that one of them will bruise your shoulder blades a little as you go down them, on the ridges where the water slide pieces are attached together.


Frog Pond:

The toddler area is only 12" deep and perfect for little ones to enjoy the water and water features and sprinklers without being runover by bigger kids.


Hot Tub:

A huge hot tub is available, and the lifeguards are good at keeping little kids from trying to use it as a splash zone.  


Non-Water Things:

Diamond Jim’s Arcade is great arcade located on the second floor of the building. You pass it on your way down to the Indoor Waterpark.


Outdoor Water Park includes:

write-up coming soon.