About Us


Marshall & Joy... and the 2 boys!

We are the owners of Highlight Homes and live in Richmond, Virginia. We moved from Texas in 2017 and have fallen in love with travelling around Virginia! We bought our first vacation rental home in 2018 - The Pool House on Massanutten Mountain. We enjoyed hosting guests at the house so much that we have become addicted to real estate sites like Zillow trying to find the next great vacation home. We now have 3 others in Massanutten, which we have named Blue Pine Lodge , Mount Chipmunk, and Firefly Hideaway.  We also love the water, but the oceanfront properties were too expensive and the ones behind the front row homes didn't have a view. We luckily found the perfect solution on the Chesapeake Bay - the Pine Shore Beach House.

We stay and visit each of our homes whenever we can. We are very blessed that 'being on vacation' has become a job. We try to make the homes feel comfortable enough so it feels like home, but special enough so that you know you are on VACATION! So we have all the beds made, fresh towels, soap/shampoo/conditioner all ready. Firewood already stacked ready to use, propane in the tank for the BBQ grill. You get the idea.



Marshall & Joy